About Us

The mission is simple: to educate and advocate for family caregivers.

Providing education workshops to family caregivers that focus on many universal topics such as the stages of caregiving, self-care, understanding how health insurance works, planning ahead, organizing, budgeting, coping with relationships during caregiving, and more.

Providing free caregiving support groups in local communities.

Educating about and being an advocate for family caregivers through attending conferences, summits, and other events centered around healthcare and/or caregiving.

Offering professional development credits for SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM and continued education units for social workers through education courses such as Caregiving Sensitivity Training for Employers and Managers. With more classes being added in 2020!

Partnering with nonprofit organizations who can bring verifiable resources and money directly into the hands of family caregivers who need it most.

I want to bring awareness to the cause of the family caregiver and make sure they are visible and accounted for. In many circumstances, the family caregiver is overlooked and there are very few resources present to help them navigate their varied but universal experience of caring for their loved ones.


  • Support and Self-Recognition: Many caregivers are not gradually introduced into the concept of becoming a caregiver. It usually comes on the heels of their loved one’s extreme illness and subsequent recovery that they learn that it isn’t just about loving and providing basic care for their loved one but can extend into far greater areas than food and shelter.

For them to understand this, first they need to know how to identify themselves as a family caregiver and not just a spouse, or partner, or child, or friend. Next, they need to know where they can find resources as a family caregiver, for themselves, to help develop their understanding of what they are about to undertake and to find the support they need along their caregiving journey.

  • Visibility: So often the role of being a family caregiver is overlooked. AARP estimated in 2015 that there were approximately 40.4 million unpaid caregivers of adults aged 65 or older. Think about that 40.4 million unpaid caregivers for 65+ adults. That number doesn’t take into account the millions of caregivers taking care of children and adults between the ages of 18 through 50. And that number is growing every single day. Small steps have been made to include the family caregiver on levels like patient care, however, what is most important is understanding that caregivers come in all different varieties.

It is often represented that a caregiver is someone who is taking care of an older relative or parent, or a cancer patient, or someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Because of this skewed representation, there are numerous nonprofits and organizations that cater to these specific situations; leaving out a very valuable and large section of family caregivers that tend to go unseen.

In fact, caregivers who care for individuals between the age of 18-50 are a largely forgotten and underrepresented group with little to no resources. Starting one community at a time, I plan to bring visibility to all family caregivers regardless of the age or disease process/illness of their loved one.



In 2017 through Caregiving.com, I became a certified caregiving consultant and certified caregiving educator. I have also partnered with Caregiving.com to present their workshop, Caregiving Sensitivity in the Workplace for Employers and Managers.  


In June 2017 I was a panelist to the first annual Working Caregivers and the Workplace Summit in Chicago, IL.


The release of my book Fearless Caregiving happens in October of 2019! Shortly after, I’ll be releasing the companion journal, The Fearless Caregiver, in early 2020!


Casandra Porter

Founder of Essentials of Caregiving, Owner of CORE Consulting and Publishing Group L.L.C., Author of the upcoming book, Fearless Caregiving.

Casandra Porter is a certified caregiving consultant, certified caregiving educator, and working family caregiver who has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years. She has been a caregiver for 15 years and is dedicated to helping educate other family caregivers in numerous areas.

Casandra cared for her father who suffered from end-stage renal failure and currently cares for her husband who suffered an acute brain infection and seizure disorder brought on by the disease process. One of the many important reasons Casandra decided to become a certified caregiving consultant and certified caregiving educator was because she noticed a lack of resources for people with disabilities between the age of 18 and 45. Those lack of resources and support prompted her to create her own business, Essentials of Caregiving, in 2016 which is aimed towards helping caregivers of all ages and demographics receive core information that will help them move forward in their caregiving journeys.

She also provides educational seminars and workshops to healthcare professionals. On June 2, 2017, she was a panelist for the 1st annual Caregiving and the Workplace Summit in Chicago, Illinois which was hosted by Caregiving.com founder, Denise Brown. As a blogger for Caregiving.com, Casandra has also helped assist many family caregivers to integrate into the Caregiving.com online community where they are able to find support.