About the CEO

I have always been invested in the success of others. Whether that was through my corporate jobs working with people to navigate their healthcare needs or on my personal time volunteering. If I could help, I wanted to be there to do it.

It wasn’t a surprise when my best friend fell ill that I took on the task of nursing him back to health. We were just in our early twenties and life was new, exciting and we thought there were so many crazy adventures in store for us. We were right. We had tons of crazy adventures, and most of those happened within the walls of hospitals and doctor’s offices.

We went from best friends to husband and wife. We truly believed if we could survive his near-fatal illness, we could survive married life. Youth and optimism tend to go hand-in-hand. We didn’t know that less than 10 years later, he’d be struck down again with the same illness, only worse. By this time we were married and making plans to start a family, and we had also just laid my father to rest after his long battle with kidney failure and heart disease. I was still grieving this tremendous loss when I got a phone call that would further change the trajectory of our lives, and essentially, it would change my path in life and lead me here.

Essentials of Caregiving has been a labor of love. It started as just a small idea for a blog and helping family caregivers locally. The blog never took off. But what did was helping family caregivers one-on-one to navigate through some rough waters and find ways to prepare for the rest of their journey.

In 2018, I turned it into a side business. In 2019, I made it official and registered my company, CORE Consulting & Publishing Group, L.LC. I have to admit, I’d done workshops for businesses, ran a few caregiving support groups across the valley. I’d even spoke at some conferences. Working one-on-one with clients had started to take on a new meaning for me. In this, I was seeing where the real struggles came in and I knew I had to help change the way people looked at family caregiving.

I’d been advocating for family caregiver visibility ever since I learned what it actually meant to be a family caregiver. Learning to identify myself as a family caregiver opened me up to a new world. A world of resources, a world where I could find help (not always but more than if I hadn’t known), and a world where I had a voice in the care that my husband received. Where I had once struggled and felt desperately alone, I found groups, and mentors, and even new friends who understood where I was and helped me find the tools to get to where I needed to go.

2020 brings a new trajectory for my business. A podcast. A book. And now, I’ll be opening up my calendar to more than just my tried and true clients locally but to my online community, as well.

With a certification in caregiving consulting and education, nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and 16 years as a family caregiver, I am here to help guide you on your journey and to help you evolve your caregiving lifestyle.

Are you ready to move forward fearlessly?

If so, I’m ready to help you in any way I can.


Casandra Porter